ООО «Нелва» УНП 809000101


Brand "NELVA" means:
• elite clothes of the European quality level;
• current fashion trends;
• recognizable style and attention to details.


Our designers attend the world's leading exhibitions in fashion and create two seasonal collections per year, taking into account сurrent fashion trends in three main styles:
• modern classics for business women;
• elegant casual for women and youth;
• evening outfits and dresses for special occasion.

Each Spring-Summer / Fall-Winter seasonal collection consists of at least three design themes. Each theme includes models united by a single style, materials, decor and a color palette. That allows to create wardrobe capsules, that fit to figure features and buyers' preferences as well.
In the season about 200 different models of clothing are produced. The product range includes: blazers, blouses, jumpers, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats, jackets, as well as accessories (caps, scarves, gloves).


Models design and their production are carried out in Belarus (Brest) using modern sewing and knitting equipment, specialized machines for printing and embroidery on fabrics. This allows to control the quality of every item and the entire production process, to observe delivery times and respond to customer requests on time.

In production we usually apply European raw materials and accessories from leading suppliers, preference is given to natural and blended fabrics of high quality. Design of each item and fitting on the figure are carefully worked out. A striking feature of the NELVA models is a recognizable style and attention to details: printing on fabrics, embroidery, appliqué, handmade brooches.



Today NELVA's own retail network includes 14 brand stores:
• 11 stores in Belarus in all major cities of the country: in Minsk (6 stores), Brest, Vitebsk, Grodno, Gomel, Mozyr;
• 3 stores in Moscow.

Stores are designed in the same style concept with modern fashion equipment and lighting. In addition to women's clothing accessories are presented in the stores: shoes, bags, belts, scarves, caps, gloves.

Wholesale supplies are carried out to Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Partners' retail network, that presents NELVA clothing, includes more than 100 stores, both multi-brand and mono-brand.


We have all the necessary documents confirming the quality of the product, its compliance with the standards and requirements of the legislation.

We invite to cooperation owners of stores and retail chains from the Russian Federation, CIS countries, near and far abroad.


NELVA factory is equipped with modern high-tech equipment at all stages of the production cycle. In addition to the main production sites, we have our own embroidery and printing sectors.

A wide experience and high qualification of our personnel allows us to provide embroidery and printing services in the highest quality and in the shortest possible time, including complex combined drawings - combining embroidery and printing with all sorts of effects.